About Mobile Spy: Mobile Spy AppMia

Monitor the cell phone activity of your kids with mobile app.

    Of course, interference in private life is a far cry from the ethical framework. But choosing between the norms of morality and well-being of his child, who will choose the first? Only the person who has no children of his own so far. Any parent will agree that the well-being of the child is always in the first place. Even if the secret of his personal life is on another scale.

    Due to the fact that the program appmia.com was carefully developed by highly qualified specialists, it received a number of effective implementations and can be installed in a fast time on any mobile device that runs under the Android operating system.

    The main feature of the program for tapping the phone on the android is that it is absolutely invisible to the user of the mobile device. The person who is being monitored will not even suspect that he is under full control. If there are doubts about the correctness of the program, that is absolutely free 12-hour trial period!